HICSS NEDi2 and great new features incoming!

Tue 22 September 2020

HICSS NEDi2 and great new features incoming!

HICSS and NED i2

You will have heard from the JAG that the next iteration of the National Endoscopy Database (NEDi2) is on its way. The enhanced dataset expands upon NEDi1 to capture a wider range of endoscopy KPI data and to a greater level of detail than before.

To meet the new requirements of NEDi2 additional procedure information needs to be recorded in HICSS then sent from your Trust to the NED via our automated interface. Following the acquisition of the HICSS product set by UHS Digital earlier this year, we committed to ensuring that HICSS is compliant with NED i2. A new version of HICSS is under development to achieve this.

This new version will include all the NED i2 dataset requirements plus additional feature enhancements to HICSS including:

  • A new streamlined process to view, sign off and send the procedure document and NED data. This simplified process saves time for the clinician whilst improving data submission rates for the Trust.
  • An automated sign off and send process for the procedure document and NED data. To further improve data submission rates for your Trust, HICSS can now automatically sign off and send the procedure document on the Endoscopist’s behalf. The time interval between the procedure being recorded and sent can be configured for your Trust, or the feature can be switched off if preferred.
  • To save time when entering details of a procedure, all staff members in the room can be remembered from one procedure to the next.

This version will be available for roll out to your Trust once the software has passed the pilot test stage for NEDi2. We anticipate this will be from 1st January 2021. The software upgrade and implementation will be completely free of charge to all customers with a current support agreement with UHS.

A new HICSS screen design is on the way

On top of that, we are very pleased to announce we have started work on a brand new screen design for our data entry forms. We are very aware that the new NED i2 dataset requires an endoscopist to enter additional data. Making that process as quick and easy as possible is key for us. Working alongside our clinicians at UHS, we are implementing best practice user interface design and increasing automation with the aim to substantially reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to record a procedure. All whilst retaining the quality and consistency of data capture HICSS is known for.

We are excited to share our progress with you, so will be releasing sneak previews and updates as we go.