HICSS Endoscopy Adult or Paediatrics

HICSS Endoscopy Adult or Paediatrics

HICSS Endoscopy Reporting Software is a browser based application, belonging to the HICSS software suite of products that provides the following functionality for endoscopy departments:

  • Access to patient details from Trust PAS
  • Recording patient interventions
  • Capturing scoping images
  • Recording procedure findings
  • Recording NED / JETS training log
  • Generating procedure reports
  • Case Notes
  • Histology Form
  • Referrer Report
  • Produce Standard Endoscopy Reports (Access is user dependent)

The core Endoscopy Management System focuses on all Endoscopy inpatients and outpatient procedures and provides a platform to manage the patient care plan, if you are also providing additional services covering Cystoscopy, Bronchoscopy, Dermatology or Gastroenterology procedures, then we have additional modules which covers these areas, please see additional HICSS module section. Each module is accessed through our centralised dashboard and processed through our single instance. HICSS Endoscopy is one of the leading clinical solutions and is used all over the United Kingdom.

  • 1m+ endoscopy procedures reported in HICSS.
  • Used by clinical teams for over 20 years.
  • Developed by an NHS trust in partnership with practicing clinicians.
  • Has direct integration with JAG/NED.
  • Can integrate with your trusts Patient Master Index.
  • Can take direct pathology feeds and send/receive data from order communication systems.

HICSS complies with the current National Endoscopy Database requirements: click here to see our performance.

HICSS will comply fully with the new NEDi2 dataset in November 2021.

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As an NHS supplier we can provide added value unseen elsewhere in the market:

  • Free system upgrades –  including all national data set requirements.
  • A system being developed with working clinicians.
  • Savings on VAT for NHS trusts.
  • All profits are fed back into developing/investing in the product suite.
  • Our partnership links with the University of Southampton means we have access to cutting edge data analytics tools which will help us focus our development effort in ways that will lead to even greater efficiency and usability improvements.


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