Frequently asked questions

How many Licences are needed per organisation?

We operate using a single licence per organisation.

Do HICSS offer a cloud solution?

Yes we offer both a cloud and onsite solution with our software.

Can I use HICSS across multiple sites?

Yes HICSS is a browser based system and can be access across multiple sites in an organisation.

How do I request a demonstration?

Please contact us on and we’d be happy to organise a demonstration.

How will HICSS integrate into my Trust’s systems?

HICSS supports multiple HL7 interfaces and will link to your PMI, order comms, pathology and EPR systems. It will automatically upload endoscopy data to the NEDi2 and JETS training databases.

How do I order new hardware?

We can supply image capture hardware and cables to your specific needs. There is a link on our support portal or contact us at

How do I request a product enhancement?

You can log a new feature request via our support portal or contact us at

What reporting does HICSS provide?

HICSS has an extensive set of reports to help you analyse your endoscopy data and maximise room utilisation.