Patient Master Index (PMI) 

We are 100% NEDi2 compliant.

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The Patient Master Index is the cornerstone of any healthcare system, supporting the patient-centric EPR.

A unique hospital identifier differentiates each patient. The format of this identifier is definable by the hospital and may be purely numeric or a combination of alpha and numeric characters. The hospital identifier can be automatically assigned to the patient or manually entered at registration time.

The HL7 inbound PMI interface that HICSS provides allows external systems to send transactions related to Inpatient Admissions, Discharges and Transfers (ADT)

The interface detailed here is an unsolicited “non-interactive” interface, where HL7 messages are sent to HICSS from an external system whenever a patient preadmission, admission, discharge or transfer event has occurred within the external system. 

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