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The HICSS image capture solution requires two cables to be connected to the PC:

  • A cable to convey the video signal from the endoscopic image processor to the PC
  • A cable to convey a trigger signal to the PC which is used to capture a still image from the video stream when a button on the scope is pressed or a foot switch is depressed.  The most common source of the trigger signal is a button on the endoscope which requires a cable to be connected to the endoscopic image processor.

We provide a USB connected trigger detector mounted in a box and a 1m USB cable to link it to the PC.

We can also provide trigger cables. For a quotation, please get in touch ( with the quantity, length and type (Olympus/Pentax/Fujifilm) needed.  All cables are custom made to your specified length(s).

A note about treatment rooms where devices from different manufacturers will be used

If you intend utilising scope triggering and will need to use devices from more than one supplier we recommend fitting a standard robust connector (e.g. XLR) to the scope end of the cable and then getting a supplier specific cable made that can attach to this common connector so you can easily swap between the different devices.  If you would like some advice on how we would recommend doing this please log a call on our Service Desk.

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