UHS becomes first supplier of endoscopy reporting systems to achieve National Endoscopy Database i2 compliance

UHS has become the first supplier of endoscopy reporting systems to achieve National Endoscopy Database i2 (NEDi2) compliance. This is significant as UHS is a system supplier to many other NHS Trusts, with NEDi2 being a mandated dataset that all system suppliers must comply with. Any NHS Trusts undertaking endoscopy investigations must also ensure that their systems comply.

The overall aim of the National Endoscopy Dataset is to contribute to improving endoscopy services for patients. NED aims to gather comprehensive and reliable data from endoscopic procedures across the United Kingdom, this information is crucial for quality assurance, service intelligence and evaluation. The new NEDi2 dataset provides endoscopy departments with an enhance platform to measure and improve service delivery, which will have a positive impact on the patient experience and care plan.

University Hospital Southampton’s UHS digital team are the first providers in the UK of an accredited NEDi2 compliant endoscopy reporting system that meets the new JAG accreditation standards. This puts UHS at the forefront of endoscopy software development with the HICSS software solution. Our clinicians are actively working to the new National Endoscopy Database standards, allowing them to play an integral part in advancing the endoscopy patient care program and advancing the use of technology to support service operations.

The HICSS software developed by UHS digital allows us to collaborate with clinicians and support teams to gain valuable insight into the day-to-day challenges and how our software can support and enhance the clinicians and patients endoscopy experience. We are always developing and advancing our software in line with service need and technological breakthroughs, and the system will play a key role in enabling a reduction in diagnostic waiting times as the NHS continues to deliver its post-COVID recovery plan.