HICSS Integration and Hosting

HICSS Integration and Hosting

UHS Digital is a recognised IT leader in the NHS.   Part of our success has been in the field of integration.   As an integrator “best of breed” trust we have a deep understanding of established integration standards from simple web “rest” services and legacy versions of  HL7 to the newer HL7 FHIR standard.    So be assured we can meet any challenge!

HICSS offers a number of existing and developing integration solutions:

  • Pathology HL7 interface
    • This interface is used when the Hospital requires HL7 messages to be sent to HICSS from an external system whenever a patient’s pathology data is updated
  • PMI HL7 interface
    • The HL7 inbound PMI interface allows external PMI/PAS systems to send  information whenever a patient preadmission, admission, discharge or transfer event has occurred within the external system.
  • Order communication HL7 interface 
    • Orders for Endoscopy, Cystoscopy and Bronchoscopy are created within a 3rd party Order Communications System (OCS). The fulfilment of these orders takes place in the HICSS Scheduling, Endoscopy, Cystoscopy and Bronchoscopy modules. The General Order Message is used to send information from the OCS to HICSS.
  • Outbound HL7 interface
    • This interface is where an HL7 message is sent by HICSS to an external PMI/PAS system whenever a patient’s ‘oscopy procedure is authorised. The interface will send 3 documents in the message, in PDF format:
      • The case notes report which is intended for storage in the patient’s notes as it contains some information that is only of interest to hospital staff;
      • The referrer report which is intended for transmission to the person who referred the patient for the procedure; and
      • The patient report which is intended to be given to the patient.

      Any images taken during the procedure that are marked for publishing will be included at the end of the report.


HICSS has experience in integrating with a number of essential systems including just some of the following suppliers/systems

  • Graphnet
  • Cerner
  • Sunquest – ICE
  • Clinisys – Labcentre
  • Medway

HICSS offer different hosting options from onsite installations for single or multi tenancy to Hybrid cloud solutions to full Azure cloud services.

Contact us to discuss your integration requirements and we can send you a specification!

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As an NHS supplier we can provide added value unseen elsewhere in the market:

  • Free system upgrades –  including all national data set requirements.
  • A system being developed with working clinicians.
  • Savings on VAT for NHS trusts.
  • All profits are fed back into developing/investing in the product suite.
  • Our partnership links with the University of Southampton means we have access to cutting edge data analytics tools which will help us focus our development effort in ways that will lead to even greater efficiency and usability improvements.


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