Advantages of NEDi2

What is the National Endoscopy Database (NED)?

The National Endoscopy Database (NED) interfaces with Endoscopy Reporting Software to automatically capture patient level data from endoscopic procedures across the UK in real time. This information is crucial for quality assurance and improvement, service intelligence, and evaluation.

The data NED captures is used to produce key performance indicators at national, unit, and individual level. Endoscopists and services can access their performance data in near real-time and identify areas of warranted and unwarranted variation in activity and performance.


NEDi2 is an upgraded version of the National Endoscopy Database that includes an expanded minimum dataset to allow a more comprehensive capture of endoscopic procedural activity across the UK. This enhanced version of NED allows capture of data for an extended number of endoscopic modalities including ERCP, EUS and enteroscopy, as well as addressing data completeness and quality issues that were inherent in the previous version of NED.

What does NEDi2 offer?

  • NEDi2 offers a more comprehensive data capture of endoscopic procedural data in the UK to facilitate audit and KPI reporting in line with recent BSG and ESGE guidance on quality assurance of upper GI endoscopy, ERCP and EUS
  • NEDi2 offers a broader range of colonoscopy metrics
  • NEDi2 rectifies the data quality and data completeness issues that were identified with NEDi1
  • NEDi2 interfaces with the JETS training system negating the need for duplicate data entry and supporting consistent and accurate data capture across the two databases
  • NEDi2 can support the development of a bespoke dashboard of clinical quality metrics
  • NEDi2 supports quality improvement through monitoring of performance metrics at individual endoscopist and unit level
  • NEDi2 supports achievement of JAG accreditation at service level
  • NEDi2 supports professional development and can be used to inform appraisals

The HICSS software is accredited to the NEDi2 and brings you all the above advantages. For more information please contact us to arrange a demo of our solution.