Enhancing Endoscopy Management: HICSS Upgrades to NEDi2.1 Compliance in the UK

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey towards enhancing endoscopy management across the UK. HICSS (Hospital Integrated Clinical Support System) has upgraded its endoscopy management software from NEDi2 to the new NEDi2.1 compliance standard. This upgrade represents our ongoing commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that streamline workflows, improve patient care, and ensure compliance with the latest regulatory requirements.

What is NEDi2.1 Compliance?

NEDi2.1 compliance builds upon the foundation of its predecessor, NEDi2, with enhanced features and functionalities designed to meet the evolving needs of endoscopy departments. This compliance standard encompasses a range of improvements such as FIT testing and new data mapping.

How to Upgrade

For existing HICSS customers, upgrading to NEDi2.1 compliance is a straightforward process. Our dedicated project & support team is available to assist you every step of the way, from initial consultation to seamless implementation and training.

Join Us in Transforming Endoscopy Management

At HICSS, we are passionate about leveraging technology to transform endoscopy management and improve patient outcomes. With this in mind we are building up to the big launch of our new endoscopy management software in our V9 release coming very soon. We are already doing pre-release demonstrations to customers wanting to see the new technology, innovation and new user interface that will bring enhance efficiently, seamless data entry and improved user experience.

For more information about upgrading to NEDi2.1 compliance or to schedule a demonstration of our endoscopy management software, please contact our team at hicss@uhs.nhs.uk.

Together, let’s continue advancing endoscopy practices and shaping the future of healthcare.

Warm regards,

The HICSS Team