New 3 Year Contract

We are pleased to announce that East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust have signed a new 3 year contract for our HICSS endoscopy management and reporting system. We are extremely proud of all our partnerships in the UK, as we continue to provide world class clinical software to support the amazing work being carried out in our healthcare service. We provide dedicated modules for:  Scheduling, Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Bronchoscopy, Rheumatology, Cystoscopy, Dermatology

Our HICSS software is 100% NED compliant and has direct integration with JAG/NED reporting and also provides direct integration with your trusts Patient Master Index. We can also take direct pathology feeds and send/receive data from order communication systems.

Our mission is simple, to provide high quality clinical systems, for a fair price and to reinvest any profits directly back into the development of these clinical products.

HICSS Supporting Trusts across the NHS and beyond